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C² : Merlet liqueurs with cognac!

25 June 2011 No Comment

C² allies the power and richness of an aged Cognac with freshness and flavours of natural fruits. C² is definitely innovating with its unique formula; nevertheless it is made from traditional products.
C² is the result of a selection among Merlet best Cognacs and our artisanal natural fruits infusions. C² will seduce the Cognac connoisseur by its refined flavours as well as the liqueurs amateur by its sweetness and fruitiness.

More over it can be drunk on a classical way or a more contemporary one, before or after meal. C² can be enjoyed neat over ice, as a longdrink with sodawater or Champagne, as well as in many cocktails. C² is named after its ingredients in French: Cognac & Cassis and Cognac & Citron. This name illustrates how it is not just a blend of Cognac and fruits flavours but really a multiplication of flavours to create new sensations: CxC=C² .

Merlet C 2 Liqueur de Cognac au Cassis (Blackcurrant) C² Cassis marries a 5 years old Cognac with Merlet blackcurrant from Saintonge Boisée”.

Tasting notes: The very dense and deep flavours of Merlet blackcurrant is transported by an aged Cognac selected for its fruitiness and power.

Merlet C 2 Liqueur de Cognac au Citron (Citrus) C² Citron is elaborated from a 10 years old Cognac and several handcrafted citrus peel infusions.

Tasting notes: The aged Cognac complexity is elegantly complimented by bitter and spicy notes of the citruses.

Luc and his brother Pierre joined the MERLET family business in 2005. Their father Gilles still heads up the company but allows Luc and Pierre to bring their modern ideas and methods into the company. Luc looks after the marketing and sales whilst Pierre focuses on production and quality. Combined they have created probably one of the finest liquer brands in the world.

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