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Brenne – French Single Malt Whisky

25 September 2012 4 Comments

In our continuing search on the internet we found something very awesome! Brenne is a Single Malt Whisky that is being harvested, distilled, matured & bottled in the Cognac area. Wicked!

According to the makers, this Whisky is smooth, approachable and contains a hint of fruit. It contains spice notes from the malted barley and is balanced with the sweetness from Cognac soaked oak. Very nice!

The unknown maker is a 3rd generation craft distiller who creates Brenne from seed to spirit. In the winter-months this distiller also makes Cognac. Some truly French Craftmanship….



Some intresting facts about Brenne:

AGED IN FRENCH OAK & COGNAC BARRELS Brenne starts in new Limousin oak barrels before being finished in Cognac casks, giving Brenne a hint of perfumed fruit that sets it apart from other whiskies.

SINGLE CASK BOTTLES Each bottle of Brenne comes from a single barrel selected at its peak. We don’t blend barrels.

COGNAC DISTILLING TECHNIQUE Using cool fermentation and small batch production, Brenne is twice distilled in copper alembic stills for a smoother finish.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS 100% organic barley grown and harvested by our third generation distiller.
Bottled at 40% abv (80 proof)

You can enjoy Brenne on the following ways:

A SOPHISTICATED ALTERNATIVE TO COCKTAILS Brenne is the perfect balance of savory and sweet to be a bold alternative to cocktails. Enjoy it with a splash of water to unleash even more of the Cognac barrel flavors.
THE PERFECT NIGHT CAP With an approachability and lightness, Brenne offers a refined way to unwind at the end of the day.
…OR TRY A MANHATTAN AFFAIR Brenne over ice with a twist of orange. No vermouth. No bitters. Just Brenne, ice & orange.


Some information how Brenne is being invented:

Husband & wife team Nital and Allison Patel (Allison is Balcones brand ambassador for California, exporter, and blogger of The Whisky Woman) unwound after a long day like many others; on the couch, computers on their laps, and the TV on in the background. But Nital was often found with something else at his side: a nightcap – always whisky, always a Single Malt.

Not wanting to open a bottle of wine for just a glass, Allison embarked on a pursuit for a nightcap to parallel her husband’s. Finding the Scotch Single Malts too strong at the time, she sampled alternatives from creamed liquors to pastis to hazelnut & amaretto liqueurs. She sought a better, cleaner, and frankly, more sophisticated option. She knew Single Malt must be the answer, but which one?

Have you ever stood in a store aisle scanning the rows of whiskies not knowing where to begin? So have we – and as consumers, Nital & Allison were tired of waiting for an accessible, no-fuss, complex-but-not-complicated Single Malt to serve as a beginner’s entry point. Through Local Infusions, their import/export company, they scoured the world for a respectable handcrafted Single Malt. Upon arriving in France, a country intrinsically linked to unrivaled quality, they couldn’t believe what they encountered.

Nestled in the vineyards outside of Cognac, they found a tiny distillery making small-batch Cognac for the best brands in the world. The 3rd generation distiller had a passion for craftsmanship and, luckily for us, a secret love for whisky, which he quietly began making in 2002. He applies his time-honored Cognac knowledge and techniques to making whisky; growing and harvesting organic barley, fermenting the mash with 2-3 strands of yeast, carefully running it through copper Alembic stills until it’s prepared for its slumber in new French Limousin oak barrels. Towards the end of Brenne’s beauty sleep, it is relocated into freshly-emptied Cognac casks until perfectly matured. The result? Liquid Gold.

One sip and they knew the world needed to be introduced to this whisky! It is so smooth, so unique, and so easy to enjoy. They were hooked (and Allison found her nightcap!). Over the next 2 years, they worked with the distiller to shape a brand that captured the essence of the story and the magic within the bottle.

Launching in the Fall of 2012 in New York City – we are ecstatic to bring this beautiful, organic Single Malt whisky to you.

In Cognac, France, Brenne is made by hand with pride in small batches. Enjoy it, Share it and become lifelong friends of Brenne.

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  • Jonathan said:

    If it’s premiering in NY, it it only being sold in stores? Or are there bars that are offering it for sale by the dram?

  • Allison Patel said:

    Hi Jonathan!
    Great question! Yes, it is being sold by the dram in a lot of great spots around the city. For the most updated list, check out the “shop” page of our site: http://drinkbrenne.com/?page_id=137

    If you are looking to get this by the bottle, Park Ave Liquors is perhaps the most known shop carrying this in the city now but all of the retailers who have Brenne in stock are also listed in the “shop” page.

    Does that help? If there are any bars near you who you think should stock Brenne – let us know and I’ll reach out to them!


  • Ralph Erenzo said:

    I am part owner of TUTHILLTOWN SPIRITS FARM DISTILLERY in New York. We make HUDSON WHISKEYs and export to EU.

    Unfortunately we are unable to call our American made and legal whiskey in the EU as “whiskey” or “whisky” since much of it is under two years in oak barrel.

    We are attempting through our Federal authorities to petition the EU lawmakers to modify EU law to recognize AMERICAN WHISKEY as a class in the same way as SCOTCH and IRISH whiskies are recognized in American law.

    In US law Irish and Scotch and Canadian whiskeys are recognized as “national spirits” of those countries made under the laws of the source country. The exemptions from US Standards of Identity are limited to only the Scotch and Irish and Canadian whiskey makers and the exemption does NOT include whiskeys made in Sweden. So French producers may not call their products “Malt Whiskey” in the US.

    We are seeking support of French distillers for a reciprocal change in both EU law and US law, whereby the US would recognize ALL EU producers making spirits under the laws of their countries access to American consumers, and the in the EU a law change which would recognize AMERICAN WHISKEY as a class of whiskey and legal for sale in the EU.

    This reciprocity will open EU markets to the fast growing number of American craft distillers, and open the US market to the growing number of French distillers making malt whiskey.

    How can we solicit the support of this effort in France which will benefit American producers, EU producers and the consumers of both continents?

  • Edward said:

    I live in Illinois, across the river from St Louis, Mo and I would like a few bottles of Brenne. Is this possible?

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