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Brandy Warmer – Why you shouldn’t heat your Cognac

20 January 2013 2 Comments

Cognac-Brandy-WarmerIn the past Brandy Warmers were widely used to warm the Cognac, nowadays the use of Brandy Warmers is a little controversial. I will discuss in this article why using a Brandy Warmer/flame is not the way to warm your Cognac.

Cognac is supposed to be enjoyed at room temperature. If you heat it up, the alcohol (Cognac is 40% alcohol, 80 proof) will evaporate at a very high rate which will make any cognac seem aggressive in nose and taste. At room temperature the evaporation is perfect. The alcohol will bring up the flavors and aromas naturally without being overpowering.

If your brandy is stored below room temperature, (20°C or 68°F) it is recommendable to heat your glass in the palm for 8-10 minutes. If you warm up the brandy glass in another way, for example with a brandy-warmer, candle or lighter, all aromatic matters will evaporate.

How does a Brandy Warmer works:

Simply light the tealight or methylated spirit under in the frame, then place your brandy glass over the top to heat it appropriately.

Warm your cognac glass by a small flame and setting it on fire, is not the the best way to serve your brandy, but it is definitely a lot of fun! Enjoy the movie!

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  • Peter Bowyer said:

    As with everything to do with cognac, it should not be rushed… Take time to enjoy it, enjoy the aromas as they waft up from the glass being warmed gently in the palm of your hand. The older the cognac the more intense the aromas, I remember opening the bottle of a sample of cognac that was about 100 years old – the aromas filled the room, and this was without any warming at all.

    Never rush anything to do with cognac…

  • gern said:

    Lighting it on fire seems like a pointless thing to do. I remember once ordering Cognac in a bar. It was served on a warmer like the one in the video. I took a sniff before drinking it and it felt like my nostrils were on fire. Never did that again. I might buy a bottle for Christmas, but I sure won’t be heating it up/lighting it on fire.

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