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Which Cognac brand is going to be your choice this time? There are in fact a lot of them in the market, but we select the ones depending on the taste and preference of our fans.

Our focus is at dwelling on finer things of life; especially those rare drinks that would keep you come back for more.


This is a brandy spirit distilled completely from wine and made in the region of South Western France. Brandy can be produced anywhere across the globe, but all brandy is not Cognac. In order to produce the spirit, it must be gleaned by March 30 following the grape return in October. There is no such age statement for the bottle. The more is the age of the bottle, the more it tastes better. The brandy must be distilled at least twice and the wine from which it gets extracted must be from the region itself.  Our aim is to provide specific information on your preferred brands that would add taste to your life.

While seeking for the best brandy, make sure you consider certain things like colour, taste, distillation, packaging and age of the spirit. You will find different brandy bottles coming with combination of letters like C, O, S, V, F, E, P and X. All these letters signify different criterion about bottling and distillation process. These characters have different meanings and appear individually or come in some combination on the bottles. The meanings are as follows: V – very, O – old, S – superior, E – especial, F – fine, P – pale, X –extra.

This alcoholic drink is made from a mix of specific varieties of grapes like Folle Blanc, Colombard, Balnc Rame, Ugni Blanc, and Jurancon. We have compiled information on all the major brands at our website. Hope this helps when you are seeking information about Cognac.


  • Teresa Rica said:

    I would like to date the following cognac:

    Cognac Très Vieux
    Napoléon Réserve
    Fine Champagne
    A.E. Dupuy & Co.
    700 ml, 40%

    The bottle is in good condition, not opened with label.

    I found it in my aunt’s house. Can I still drink it?

    Thank you

  • Jessie foo said:

    Could anyone let me know the estimate cost of extra old cognac sauvion & cie. The bottom bottle stated 70 cl 3 72. Expert, pls help


  • Roger Van Herck said:

    Ik heb van mijn grootvader een stenen fles Armagnac gekregen.
    Op het etiket staat: Marquis de Roquebrune – Vic Fezenbac – Us op Amiz – Nr. 362 du 8/11/1966 – De Gauw wilsele décart du 25/3/1909.
    Zou U me de waarde van deze fles kunnen geven.

    Dank U bij voorbaat.


    Roger Van Herck

  • huy said:

    hell yes you can drink all of them. with liquor the older the better

  • joe said:

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  • roman said:

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  • Tran said:

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