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Best XO Cognacs 2012 – Top 10

8 December 2012 7 Comments

Like every year, we publish a list with the best 10 XO Cognacs of the year, with buying one of the Cognacs in this list you will always obtain a good XO Cognac.

This list is made for you, to make it easier to make the best choice choosing a XO-Cognac at your local liquor-store.

We made this list based on our own justice, (star)ratings from users and the general opinion on the Internet of these Cognacs. For this list, we only selected XO Cognacs!

  1.  Camus Ile de Ré – Cliffside Cellar, successor of the Camus Ile de Ré XO, this Cliffside Cellar is older than the replaced XO. Special about the Ilé de Ré qualities is the fact, that the grapes come from Ile de Ré, a small island near the mainland of the Cognac region. Also the maturing finds place on Ilé de Ré. The taste of these Cognacs are a little bit comparable with the Whisky’s from Islay, they contain salty and maritime notes. Finishing has found place on Fort de La Pree on Ile de Ré.
  2. Audry XO, the renowned magazine the Time, described Audry XO as: “The best Cognac You Have Never Heard About”. I totally agree! I tasted the Audry XO and liked it very well! Price: $100,-.
  3. Frapin Chateau Fontpinot XO, winner in the category Best Grande Champagne XO at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2012. This Cognac comes from a single vineyard Cognac in the Grande Champagne, is anything better possible in Cognac? It is distilled, aged and bottled at the Chateau Fontpinot. Bottled at 41%.
  4. Courvoisier Connoisseur Collection 21, newcomer on the market. This 21 year old Cognac is made exclusively from grapes harvested in the most prestigious Grande Champagne cru. Aroma’s: Early hints of hazelnut, then dried apricots and figs, also some smooth spices like white pepper and coriander. Extra points for being a “year” Cognac. With buying this, you know it has been aged for 21 years.
  5. Martell Cordon Bleu, one of my classic favorites, the heart of this Cognac is made of Borderies. Grande and Petite Champagne are added for strength and finesse, along with some excellent Fins Bois. Floral and spicy aromas, very elegant and gentle. Price: $130,-
  6. Delamain Vesper, first 100% Grande Champagne Cognac in the list. Very enjoyable Cognac, you should however like the woody/tannin taste. Price: $130,-
  7. Hine XO Antique, a blend of over 40 cognacs all aged for a minimum of 10 years, exclusively from grapes grown in Grande Champagne. Complex, rich, supple, balanced and long-lasting on the palate. Tasted while visiting Hine in Jarnac.
  8. Rémy Martin XO Excellence, great Fine Champagne Cognac, good availability and beautiful bottle in your drink cabinet. Reference point for an XO-Cognac. Price: $130,-
  9. Gautier XO Extra 1755, very well-balanced on the palate between powerfulness and finesse. Beautiful tasting profile with wood, vanilla, some spices and floral aroma’s! Price: $100,-
  10. Hennessy XO, like last year, this list is not complete without the Hennessy XO, the matured tasted of toasted wood is great. In comparing to the Rémy Martin XO this Hennessy is slightly sharper and more masculine in the mouth. Price: $150,-
We hope you like our of Best Cognacs list, if you have anything to add or to say, please leave your comment/opinion below.


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  • roy said:

    Are you serious? The Camus Ile de Ré – Cliffside Cellar is not a XO range cognac, but only a VS range cognac (only two years in cask), it’s necessary to verify your source !

    Strange things, the older “XO” is sold at really ridiculous prices (37,49 € tax including):

  • Wouter (author) said:

    The Cliffside Cellar is a XO-Cognac according to Camus.

    Drinkhacker.com review:
    Aged in part in a special cellar said to be 10 meters away from the Atlantic Ocean, here the orange character is up front rather than hidden away in the finish. Well-rounded, with some saltiness in the finish, which comes together with more of a dessert-like, salted caramel character. A- / $99

  • Cognac per tutti: guida alla magica bevanda « Glocal Vini & Terroir said:

    […] Best XO Cognacs 2012 – Top 10 (cognacfans.com) […]

  • Pierre said:

    Hmmmmm, to Roy, I’d like to know where you’ve read that Cliffside Cellar is a VS Cognac, I doubt it very much, I think you’re mistaken with the Fine Island from the same brand. And I wouldn’t trust too much the site you’re linking to for the XO, I’ve tried to order 2 bottles at this price, now it turns out that “Camus did not send the good cognac” to them so my order is being frozen at the moment… I expect there’s been a misunderstanding between them and Camus :-/

    To the author: if you’re really right that the Cliffside Cellar is older than the previous XO Ile de Ré, I’d REALLY like to know how they manage to sell it 65-80 euros while the XO was sold at 115-120 euros !!

  • Pierre said:

    I confirm that the evinite site does NOT sell Camus XO Ile de Ré at 37 euros but the Ile de Ré Fine Island… A delusion, but that was expected.

  • Alpay said:

    That top picture just blew me away. I will have to see if I can do somnthieg like that with one of my bird pictures. Did you use photoshop or somnthieg else?

  • jose calvano said:

    Ihave tried the audry xo. I find it to be very good. how ever the hardy xo is so much better.

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