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Best VSOP Cognacs 2011

15 December 2011 3 Comments

After publishing the list of our favorite VS Cognacs, it’s time to publish the the top 10 list of our favorite VSOP  Cognacs! This list is made for you, to make it easier to choose a VSOP-Cognac at your local liquor-store.

We made this list based on our own justice, (star)ratings from users and the general opinion on the internet of these Cognacs. For this list, we only selected VSOP Cognacs!


  1. Ménard VSOP, very affordable Grande Champagne VSOP, with a great taste. Rated highly by myself and the visitors. The good thing about this brand, is that they did not go with the Cognac hype with flashy bottles…
  2. Godet Antarctica, highest newcomer in the list. This Cognac distinguish themselves with it’s clear color because of natural filtration. The use of the rare Folle Blache grapes makes this a very special Cognac. Serve this Cognac from the freezer is the best way how to enjoy it!
  3. De Luze VSOP, the 2nd highest newcomer. This Cognac is one of my personal “daily” VSOP Cognacs, the Fine Champagne taste is awesome, also the pricing is very competitive in comparing to other Fine Champagne Cognacs like the Rémy MartinVSOP.
  4. Martell VSOP, the highest rated well-known VSOP Cognac. This cognac is subtle and soft. The nose is wonderfully fruity! Delicious! Which is a result of using eaux de vie from the four major (Grande and Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois) regions.
  5. Courvoisier Napoleon, this Cognac is reviewed quite recently by Cognac Fans and already rated very highly by visitors. The result of using Fine Champagne Cognacs is a heavier and more complex Cognac what looks like to appeal many enthusiasts.
  6. Rémy Martin 1738, unfortunately not available in my home country but luckily many friends bring this Cognac from the USA with them for me. It’s complex like a XO-cognac with a nice woody finish. Keep bringing this bottle!
  7. H by Hine, wonderful stylish Petite Champagne Cognac with lots of floral notes. Pricing is quite reasonable for this quality. Good alternative for the well-known Cognacs.
  8. Rémy Martin VSOP, probably the most well-known Cognac. Famous for using the Grande and Petite Champagne Cognacs. This Cognac is also a little bit spicier then the average VSOP Cognac.
  9. Martell Noblige, this Cognac is only made from the exclusive Borderies region, it offers lot’s of flowers, especially violets in its aroma.
  10. Alfred de Luze, Fine Champagne Cognac with an higher alcohol content (43%), because of this it will less dilute with water when adding some ice-cubes to your Cognac. Also without ice this Cognac is a very nice Cognac.


We are fully standing behind this list, but we are very interested in your opinion about it! 😉

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  • Paul said:

    Courvoisier Napoleon is not a VSOP. It has the same age as XO! C’mon guys!

  • Wouter (author) said:

    Paul, thanks for your comment!
    The Napoleon in general is nor a VSOP or a XO. Pricewise they are closest to a VSOP, therefore I ranked the Napoleon in the VSOP-category.

  • Johnny Skaug said:

    Why not a list for 2012 ?

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