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Best VS Cognacs 2012 – Reasonably Priced Cognacs

15 December 2012 3 Comments

Best VS CognacsLike every year, we publish a list with the best VS Cognacs of the year, with buying one of the Cognacs in this list you will always obtain a good VS Cognac.

This list is made for you, to make it easier to make the best choice choosing a VS-Cognac at your local liquor-store.

We made this list based on our own justice, pricing, (star)ratings from users and the general opinion on the Internet of these Cognacs. For this list, we only selected VS Cognacs!

  1. Pierre Ferrand Ambre, just like last year, this Cognac is the best cognac in the VS category, affordable and uses well aged Grande Champagne Cognacs. No flashy bottle, but a characteristic bottle Cognac used in the past.
  2. Frapin VS, just like the Pierre Ferrand this Frapin is made of Grande Champagne Cognacs. The balloon-shaped caraffe it a beauty. Sold for $35-40. The bouquet is filled with fine, slight vanilla notes, offering a great aromatic richness. In the mouth it offers a good length, due to the aforementioned lees distillation.
  3. Pinard VS, this 3 year old Cognac is one of the few Organic VS Cognacs on the market. Great job by Guy Pinard!  In the mouth, one discovers the mettle of this young cognac, is powerful and with good aromatic length.
  4. Hennessy VS, the highest rated VS-Cognac in our list of Best Rated Cognacs on CognacWiki. The Hennessy VS is Hennessy’s least expensive Cognac, available around the $30,-. This Cognac is a pretty descent Cognac. Great on every event.
  5. Martell VS, probably one of my favorite well-known VS Cognacs. This Cognac was created over 150 years ago. Its harmonious, finely balanced blend makes it the ideal cognac for long drinks and cocktails.
  6. Conjure VS, this Conjure Cognac is composed by Ludacris and Cognac-maker Birkedal. The bottle is awesome and the Cognac is quite good.
  7. Meukow VS, great Cognac, it offers much higher distinctive tasting qualities than the average VS. Lots of tones of vanilla flavor due to the aging in oak barrels are noticeable.
  8. Gautier VS, perfectly balanced and harmonious Cognac for a great price/quality ratio.
  9. De Luze VS, this De Luze is a very pleasant VS Cognac. Soft and beautiful in the mouth with oak, citrus and coffee. Unfortunately difficult to get in the USA.
  10. Hennessy Black, the different expression of Hennessy Cognac: lighter and fresher with scents is quite successful. The black-bottle is a beauty.

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We are very interested in your favorite VS Cognac of 2012!  Please let us know below!

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