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Best VS Cognacs 2011

6 December 2011 2 Comments

Each year we are selecting the best Cognacs in the different categories. This year we will kick off with the VS-category.

We selected these Cognacs on “Cognac Fans” taste-preference, but also included the price/quality ratio and the general opinion about the Cognac.




  1. Pierre Ferrand Ambre: the best cognac in this category, affordable and uses well aged Grande Champagne Cognacs. No flashy bottle, but a characteristic bottle Cognac used in the past.
  2. Conjure VS: maybe the Cognac-succes of the year, the Conjure composed by Ludacris and Cognac-maker Birkedal. The bottle is awesome and the Cognac is quite good.
  3. Meukow VS: great Cognac, it offers much higher distinctive tasting qualities than the average VS. Lots of tones of vanilla flavor due to the aging in oak barrels are noticeable.
  4. Gautier VS: perfectly balanced and harmonious Cognac for a great price/quality ratio.
  5. Hennessy Black: The different expression of Hennessy Cognac: lighter and fresher with scents is quite successful. The black-bottle is a beauty.


We are very interested in your best VS Cognac of 2011!  Please let us know below!


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