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Berry Bros – Grande Champagne des Héritiers 1904

7 May 2012 4 Comments

A reader sends us images of an Berry Bros. and Rudd vintage Cognac from 1904.  Berry Bros shipped the Cognac in 1967 to England and bottled it in 1977. Makes it 74 years of storage in an oak barrel. This Cognac is described by connoisseurs as Late Landed Vintage Cognac.

Bottles labelled Vintage Cognac are aged inland in Jarnac, where dry conditions and fluctuating temperatures (6°C in winter to around 22°C in summer) mean the spirit is subject to evaporation and oxidation, which help accentuate the rich, complex, woody character of the Cognac.

Meanwhile, the landed Cognacs are aged in the UK , in the case of a brand like Hine, in the chalk cellars of Bristol, where a steady temperature (8°C to 12°C) and high humidity (rarely below 95%) means much smaller volume loss. This makes for a more delicate, refined Cognac, giving light floral and fruity aromas and delicate hints of wood.


Name of bottle: Berry Bros. and Rudd Grande Champagne des Héritiers 1904 Naturel

Written on labels: 68° under proof. Brandy is a spirit distilled from wine. Cognac is Brandy produced from the Charente district in France. This district is divided into several classes i.e. Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois and Bons Bois. No Brandy is entitled to be described as ‘Grande Champagne’ unless it is actually the product of that small and very distinct area [coloured red on map]. The Brandy in this bottle is Grande Champagne of the finest quality and of great age. 24fl. oz

Story: This bottle is a part of the owners collection, he would like to know more about it and it’s value.

The seller is open to discuss selling this bottle, so please submit you interest below so we can bring the buyers and seller together!

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  • roman said:

    this is a nice bottle of some very old cognac i wonder how good it would taste? please email me at curly6t9@yahoo.com i would like to make you an offer. thank you

  • Don Henny said:

    Wooow a Nice bottle indeed, I also know a collector who has this!
    I asked about a value… around 2000euro!!!

  • Stephen Landau said:

    Opened this exact bottle March 23, 2013. The cork was dried but did not seem to have effected the quality. The nose was nutty and rich. It was very mellow and elegant on the palate. One of the best vintages I have had the pleasure to enjoy. I have waited 40 odd years to open this bottle. It was truely wonderful at 109 years.

  • Michael Rollo Stuart said:

    I have a friend who has a bottle of Grand Champagne des Heritiers Cognac.
    The bottle label states 1904 what does this mean?
    The lable advises that it was shipped 1967 & Bottled 1973.
    Berry Bro& Rudd Ltd.
    Can you please advise me with as much information as you can regarding this and if possible its approximate value if any. etc
    Yours in anticipation
    Michael Stuart

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