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Article: Irish emigré helped make Cognac famous

27 May 2012 No Comment

In the 18th century, one Richard Hennessy fled his native County Cork in Ireland to serve in the armies of Louis XV of France before settling in the southwestern town of Cognac.

Once the alarums of battle had faded, he shipped a few barrels of the local tipple home. The rest is history and the Cognac house still bearing the Hennessy name is a world leader.

For visitors to the region, discovering the secrets of its famous double-distilled spirit aged in oak casks is essential to the Cognac experience, but there are other charms.

Check out the following tips from a correspondent (Times Colonist) with local knowledge.

Sir Richard Hennessy was originally a mercenary for the king of France, who compensated him for the contracted merking of his foes with land in the town of Cognac. In 1765 he began importing liquor to his native Ireland. His son later expanded the operation into production of their own brandy, which for generations has blurred prudent consideration of the long term ramifications of ones actions.

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