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Advertise on CognacFans

Cognac Fans and Cognac Wiki are the biggest Cognac websites with worldwide audience.

Advertising on Cognac Fans can take many forms. We popularly give brands the opportunity to advertise in the form of an advertorial, sponsored articles, banners and more on our site and via our extended social media network.

Since our editorial team include creatives, we can also manage the photography to accompany your advertorial.

Here are some more facts:

  • reach over 175 countries worldwide
  • top 10 countries are USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, China, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, Singapore and Russia
  • 15% of our visitors is using a “”smart” mobile device
  • We are offering multiple banner standards, such as the standard rectangle (300 x 250 pixel). Our ads can be targeted to geographic regions and countries, or capped to a certain views per day per visitor

Please contact us in regarding to receive the media facts and the summary of our prices.

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