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ABK6 VSOP Super Premium

3 September 2010 One Comment

ABK6 is a relatively new Cognac brand, founded in 2005. ABK6 name sounds a bit strange, but it stands for Abecassis in “text-message language” (ah-bee-kah-sis).

At the distillery, Abecassis also makes the brands Leyrat and le Reviseur. ABK6 is the trendy brand of those three brands.

All Abecassis Cognacs of the company, run by father and daughter; Francis and Elodi Abecassis, are single estate Cognacs, which means that the harvest, fermentation, distillation, maturation, blending and bottling are all done on the property …

Abecassis has two estates: Domaine du Maine Drilhon in the Petite Champagne area and Domain de chez Maillard, in the Fins Bois area.

Although I have always thought that a Single Estate Cognac had to be made of grapes from a single vineyard belonging to the estate on, this is not true. A Single Estate Cognac can indeed be made from grapes / Cognacs from two vineyards. In this case with the ABK6 VSOP, which is made from grapes / cognacs from both Abecassis estates, Petite Champagne and the Fins Bois.

Honesty to say, you taste the presence of the Fins Bois Cognacs quite clearly with its lesser complexity and his exuberant fruitiness. This fruitiness is quite tastefull, especially in summer…

This new brand (ABK6) has the ambitious objective ofmodernising Cognac’s image and distancing itself from Cognac’s traditional codes through its presentation and the design of the bottle.

This while remaining respectful of the product’s traditions and intransigent about its quality. At last a Cognac which looks like you.”

Francis Abécassis

The tasting notes of ABK6 VSOP Super Premium are:

The color: old gold.
The fragrance: soft, vanilla, apples, pears. In brief: Fruity!
The taste: little bit of sharpness that quickly disappears, again very fruity with a clear taste of apples. Also some wood, vanilla and something spicy.
The after-taste: full after-taste that is rapidly decreasing.
The origin: Petite Champagne and Fins Bois. Both come from Abecassis owned estates.
Age: about 15 years.
The price: around 33 euros.
The price / quality ratio: a 7.

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