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ABK6 – Ice Cognac

6 July 2011 3 Comments

ABK6 launched a great new product at theVinexpo, the ABK6 ICE-Cognac. This is a VSOP-cognac that is made to combine with ice. Of course, a normal Cognac can also be combined with ice, but it will taste diluted. The ABK6 Cognac Ice does not.

The bottle of the ICE-Cognac has a hip design and feels great. The color combination of white and gold reminiscent ABK6 of Marie Antoinette’s fashion style. The cap is made of metal so the cork does not leak into the freezer, if you choose to cool the Cognac itself.

Back to the taste, which of course it’s all about. While some of us think that cooling or dilution of Cognac is barbaric, I find it quite interesting because of the technical flavor. You get aroma’s of a wider palet during the warming up of you mouth by tasting a cold drink.

The idea is of course not entirely new, the Godet Antarctic and Alfred de Luze were already introduced, but I keep saying that such products are necessary to find new audiences and tastes. Therefore a welcome addition.

Tasting Notes at room temperature:

Color: golden yellow.
Nose: sweet, vanilla, fruit, slightly spicy and no wood.
Taste: very smooth for a ice-cognac, the Alfred de Luze for example, was a lot sharper. Again lots of fruits and some sweets.
After-taste: very long.
Age: a 4 years old Cognac (VSOP) as the basis and some 8 and 12 years old Cognac added.
The origin: Especially Fins Bois and some Petite Champagne.
Price: unknown.

The tasting notes at freezing temperatures:

Still a nice sweet fruity smell, the taste is quite the same as described above, with the addition of some spicy flavors in the beginning (when it is still cold in the mouth).

The tasting notes with an ice cube, where this brandy is made for, are:

The smell seems to have become a little chilly, but certainly no less aromatic, the taste is quite the same, which is very positive for a Cognac with ice, because they ofter dilute fairly quickly.

I am not able to reconize the aroma-steps as in the picture above, but I taste that the aromatic sensation is a lot wider than without the cube.

The conclusion: This must-have Cognac is very nice to drink: pure, cooled or with ice.


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  • Five summer Cognacs, great to combine with Ice! - Cognac Fans, information and reviews said:

    […] ABK6 Ice Cognac, great fruity and fresh Cognac, perfect in combining Ice with Cognac. Very refreshing combination. Also great directly from the freezer! […]

  • John said:

    A new cognac created to be sipped specifically on the rocks was launched this week and is described as a flavor journey that will take the drinker through aromas of white peach, lemon sorbet and iced mint as the temperature of the elixir drops.

    Ice Cognac by ABK6 is said to develop its distinct aromas as it progressively comes into contact with cold temperatures and water.

    The limited edition cognac, produced in the hillsides of Claix, France, made its debut at Vinexpo, the world’s largest wine trade fair, in Bordeaux this week.

    At 18 C (64F) for instance, the cognac begins softly and smoothly, giving off aromas of vanilla and evolving into white peach. At 12 C (54F) aromas of orange blossom are detected, before merging into lemon sorbet.

    And when the mercury dips to about 5 C (41), the cognac emits notes of iced mint.

    The cognac is made from the Ugni blanc grape, the most widely planted white grape in France, and is best served in a tumbler glass over several ice cubes.

    Source: AFPrelaxnews – The suggested retail price is €37.

  • Eric P said:

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