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A Small Gift From Us To You – Rémy Martin Diary and Pen (Updated with winner!)

10 February 2012 6 Comments

To celebrate the success of Cognac Fans with our readers and visitors, we decided we would celebrate by giving away a free Moleskine Rémy Martin Diary 2012 and a Rémy Martin pen for one lucky winner.

Now to the contest part. Its not really a contest but we would definitely appreciate if you could do us a favor. We are pretty passionate about cognac not only because it tastes good but because of the quality and the history that surrounds cognac.

If you would like to win the Rémy Martin Diary and Pen please follow the instructions below.

For a chance to enter please do the following :

  1. Please comment (on this blog) why you like cognac. If you have never tried cognac before tell us why you would like to try.
  2. Subscribe to our feed using your email address (we need you to subscribe using your email so we can verify) . You can either do so by clicking on the link in the sidebar or simply by clicking here
  3. If you are on twitter please take a moment and follow us- @Cognacfans
  4. If you are on Facebook please like us- Cognac Fans Facebook

Those are the things that you need to do in order to be eligible to win diary and pen. But there is one more thing we would really appreciate if you could do for us – if you are using twitter please let others know about this contest

The winner will be announced based on their comment (and of course you have to subscribe using your email address and follow us on twitter or Facebook).  When you leave your comments please make sure to leave your twitter profile so we can follow you back. And of course all commentators can follow each other as well which certainly will help us all build a community.

The winner will be announced next Friday (19th of February 2012) here at cognacfans.com. Hope we can all have a little fun with this. Until then have a great weekend and goodluck!

The diary and pen will be send by postal throughout the world.

The winner is Kevin Romero! He explained in the best way, why he likes Cognac… Congrats!

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  • John said:

    love the aroma. the intensity. the history. the workmanship in a fine cognac.

  • Armin said:

    My moment of relaxation:
    Jazz, a nice cigar and……. Remy Martin V.S.O.P Fine Champagne Cognac. Simply the best way to start your weekend.

  • Kevin Romero said:

    The sole thought of the aroma and taste a COGNAC like any Remy Martin, makes anyone crave for a taste of the best art there is; COGNACS Destillation. You evolve once you left back beers, rums and wines… then you start with the great whiskeys and move to the top when you taste and drink COGNACS. JUST ENJOY THE VIEW OF THE BEAUTIFUL BOTTLE, ENJOY THE WONDERFUL AROMA, ENJOY THE EXQUISIT TASTE, ENJOY IT ALL, EVEN ‘THE ANGLE’S SHARE’. Cognac lovers twit at my twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/KevinORomero

  • Sandra Strait said:

    I’ll admit I don’t drink Cognac all the time. I reserve it for the moments of intense satisfaction–such as an evening at the Oregon Coast. The sound of the surf, the smell of salt in the air, and the taste of Rémy Martin Cognac=intense satisfaction.

    I’ve signed up for the newsletter, liked on Facebook and followed on Twitter (molossus1).

  • Rori said:

    I’ve actually never tried cognac, but if I did, It would be Remy Martin because I’ve heard such good things about it! 😀

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