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A.E. Dor 1811 Roi de Rome – Cognac Review

19 February 2012 One Comment

A few weeks ago I mentioned you about a the unique tasting of Pre-Phylloxera Cognacs in the Netherlands! We had the possibility to taste 10 very rare Cognacs, most of them dated from before 1900!

Because I wrote tasting-notes about the tasted Cognacs, I will publish them regularly on Cognac Fans. I will begin with the oldest Cognac tasted that event!


The A.E. Dor 1811 Roi de Rome comes from one of the most well-know years of the Cognac-industry:  1811 and is bottled on 31%. Read in the quote below how A.E.Dor manages to sell Cognacs less than 40% alcohol!

The great privileges of Cognac A.E.DOR : Sale at natural strenght and the vintage
Natural evaporation – known as the «Angels’ Share» – has occurred throughout this long ageing in oak casks, bringing the alcoholic strength of some of the Cognacs down – to as little as 30% for the oldest – while as the same time refining the aroma to leave only the quintessence of the finest scents.
These unique qualities have entitled A.E.DOR to a very special authorization from the French government.
In 1951, at the insistence of Monsieur DENIEUL, the founder’s son-in law, A.E. DOR became the first firm authorized to sell Cognac at a strength of less than 40% alcohol.
This exceptional exemption from the requirement of the 1946 Decree, which laid down the minimum alcoholic strength for any Cognac at 40%, is striking acclaim for the authenticity of the « Très Vieilles Grandes Champagnes.

The tasting notes of the A.E. Dor 1811 Roi de Rome are:

The nose: Great nose with honey, full of rancio, some geranium notes of the used Folle Blanche grape. Because the aroma’s of two decades are very subtitle, they vanish quite quickly.
The taste: unbelievable fresh and full of flavor with the same aroma’s as the nose. The lower alcohol content is tasteable, but you won’t miss it at all.
The aftertaste: very long.
The age: the grapes of this Cognac where aged back in 1811, so the Cognac is 200 years old. The aging on oak is unknown.
The origin: Grande Champagne or Fine Champagne Cognac, unfortunately unknown.
The price: €14.900 Oldliquors.com.
The conclusion: This Cognac of 2 decades is unbelievable fresh and full of flavor, you will not miss the lower alcohol-content of 31%. It’s stunning to taste something this old. I think there is not something else you can taste this old, other than even older Cognacs / Brandies.


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  • Guiseppe L. said:

    Never seen an vintage Cognac like this… And you tasted it! 😉

    Hope you enjoyed!

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