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A. de Fussigny Pure Organic

7 August 2010 2 Comments

Basically, all organic or green called products are less tasty or looking ugly. Just take the example of the Toyota Prius, it just looks awful!

If you want to do green, please buy a good looking Volkswagen TDI or something like that instead! The same holds for the tested organic A. de Fussigny Cognac. It strangely smells like cheap soap…

In itself it is a good given that they are, just like Léopold Gourmel,
starting organic production in the Cognac-region. This results in a natural and honest distillate such as cognac was created a century ago.

Unfortunately, the flavor needs some fine-tuning. The cognac is clearly for the most part coming from the Fins Bois region, which produces lesser quality cognacs.

This Cognac is a drinkable and mixable Cognac, but is absolutely not worth the money. I recommend buying a VSOP or reasonable priced XO cognac instead!

The quality of  this Cognac is comparable to a soft and cheap VS brandy from the Fins Bois region.

The tasting notes of Pure Organic Fussigny are:

Color: bright copper color.
The fragrance: a cheap brand of soap, flowers, orange.
The taste: sweet taste, mild soapy taste, little wood, clear taste Fins Bois aroma’s.
The after-taste: taste is quite tasty.
The origin: Unknown, but I’m almost sure of 100% Fins Bois.
Age: 10 years on average.
The price: around the 50 dollars.

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  • jbp said:

    Just take the example of the Toyota Prius, it just looks awful!

    Well… Japanese cars are not known for daring or interesting designs.
    Nothing to do with the “eco” side.

    Soap flavor could result of bad “reduction” (addition of water to reduce cognac to 40% abv.). It’s a typical defect of “quick made” cognac…
    Nothing to do with the “organic” side.

    J.B. Pinard, producer of – basically – 100% “tasteless and ugly” cognac!…

  • Pinard VSOP Bio 6 years - Cognac Fans, information and reviews said:

    […] About an earlier biological Cognac I was not very pleased, I did even compare it with an Toyota Prius. Through this article I got in touch with J.B. Pinard. […]

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