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10 Essentials For Enjoying The Perfect Cognac

9 November 2012 No Comment

The perfect drink isn’t contained in a glass or confined to a bottle. No, the perfect drink is captured in a moment when time stands still and the finest pleasures of life stop for your enjoyment.

Obviously, we at CognacFans have a pretty firm belief in what you can pour into your glass to make the perfect drink, but right now we’re counting down the ten most important elements to make the experience exquisite.


10. The Perfect Cigar

With a drink that relies so heavily on a robust and varied bouquet of aromas, it only makes sense to complement that arrangement with the enchanting smoke of a fine cigar. The perfect blend is a matter of personal taste, but Cigar Aficionado has an excellent guide for pairing your choice of cognac with a cigar that make a perfect match for your moment.

9. The Perfect Place

This is not a drink for tailgates and frat parties. In fact, unless the bar is an especially intimate favorite, I’d much prefer to enjoy a snifter of cognac by the fireplace at home. That’s really the secret phrase—at home. To appreciate the finest drink in the world, it helps to find a spot where you feel the most comfortable. No distractions, no competing odors, and nothing else to stop you from enjoying a relaxing drink on the road to perfect serenity.

8. The Perfect Friend

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.” There’s no question that you can enjoy a good stiff drink when you need a moment alone, but I find that the best drinks are the ones you share alongside a confidant. Our best moments are reserved for the people we care the most about.

7. The Perfect Food

There really is no limit to the foods that a fine glass of cognac can make better. Depending on the age and type of drink, you can pair cognac with anything from a rack of ribs to a dish of crème brulée. I won’t say no to some fine chocolates that invite bitter and sweet to the party of taste and aroma.

6. The Perfect Moment

No one has a perfect life, and no one can guarantee a perfect day—but complaints are for the lazy and the weak. The people who enjoy the finer things in life are the ones who take the time to set aside moments for themselves. When you can push pause on your troubles, even if it’s just for half an hour, that perfect drink becomes a welcome refuge of peace instead of just a way to drown your misery.

5. The Perfect Glass

We recommend a tulip-shaped wine glass or a sifter—essentially, you want a glass that will rest easily in your palm, allowing your hand to gradually warm the drink and swirl it around, stirring up the aromatic vapors, captured by the narrower opening at the top for the richest possible experience all for you.

4. The Perfect Pace

If you’ve carved out the perfect moment in the middle or at the end of a hectic day, the perfect drink slows everything down to a much more comfortable pace. As you hold the drink in your hand for several minutes, the anticipation is tantalizing, but the wait is well worthwhile. You stop to smell the fruity textures and robust aromas inherited from years of impeccable, artisan aging. And even when the cognac first touches your lips, you don’t dive in, but allow a single sip to coat your mouth in preparation for the perfection that follows. This drink, this moment, brings time to a standstill—there’s a reason we call it perfect.

3. The Perfect Conversation

There are thoughts that come to mind only when you’ve reached a true mindset of peace, relaxation, and inspiration. When you enjoy the perfect drink with the perfect someone—whether it’s romantic or just a strong friendship—those conversations are the ones you remember forever.

2. The Perfect Drink

There are a lot of fine drinks out there, but cognac has that special place in our hearts. Quite simply, we think it is the crowning jewel of perfection.

1. The Perfect Plans

You don’t really want this drink to end, but all good things—even the perfect things in life—must do exactly that. But the great thing about enjoying that ideal moment with the people, the food, and the drink you love, is that it leaves you with a sense of motivation, of What next? You’re ready to face the world, pursue your dreams, and live the life you imagined. Does cognac make it possible? No. It just gives you pause to remind yourself that anything is.

There you have it, ten essentials for enjoying the perfect drink. Enjoy your weekend.

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